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welcome to peanut butters hamster tips. to make sure your syrian or dwarf hamster keeps in top shape you must make sure the of the following things are up to date:
your hamsters cage must be cleaned at least once a week i sugest every three days.
your hamster must have wooden toys or teeth stick to make sure their teeth dont over grow.
their water and food must be changed every day and bowls and bottles  must be cleaned.
your hamster must be provided with a exersise wheel and a space pod (ball) to get the exersise it needs.
hamsters must have veternary check ups.
when you first get a syrian hamster leave them alone for three days to settle in to decrease the chance of them getting wet tail.
provide your hamster with a little home like hide away to rest knowing it is safe and not going to be disturbed.
get pet safe disinfectant to clean the cage.
use the same pet food if you decide to change it over ten days start by introducing the new food faising the old one out completely to reduce the threat of the being ill.
equiptment you will need:
a bottle brush
a scoop 
ceramic bowl 
rodant bottle
carry case
wooden toys
a happy home